Episode 99: White Knight of Comedy

Episode 99: The Cover ArtSo, it used to be that once a year we would all get together to go to this comic and toy convention in town that had just started up. You guessed it. It was called TRI-CON! (Tri-con!) (tri-con!). It was basically the only thing that we did together as a podcast group. Ever. We all went together the first time, and then the second year Murdock & Dwight went together and Sullivan went much later. This, the third and least exciting year, Sullivan didn’t even bother to go. Instead, he lost a fight with a tree branch, shit his pants and took a knee on a hillside. Murdock & Dwight still went though. So there’s that. Also, as luck would have it, policemen from the two major cities in West Virginia hate each other, and the cities’ respective newspapers tell different stories about a recent event. And no, that event didn’t have anything to do with Sullivan shitting his pants. SBP!!

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“Electric Babies” by Left Arm (http://www.myspace.com/leftarm)


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Episode #34: ‘Cause She’s Got A Great Ass!

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Now, I ain’t gonna lie to ya… but this brilliant, extremely self-indulgent episode brings Murdock one step closer to Cape Fear. Dwight confronts a creepy guy looking at Worst Wife’s posterior while another, much older gentlemen takes pictures. And Sullivan quizzes the boys on acceptable Facebook behavior before being interrupted by a long-lost segment. Welcome to the big 3-4! SBP’s finally older than Jesus!! Continue reading

ICYMI: Dwight’s Hot Wheels A. J. Frost Armageddon Action Figure At Tri-Con

Animal crackers in his soup…

Sometimes pictures say a thousand words and tell a thousand tales. This is one of those times. Thanks Tri-ConHot Wheels, Michael Bay and Ben Affleck. You guys are the BEST!

If you don’t understand the significance of this, perhaps you should listen to our HILARIOUS WEEKLY PODCAST. We talk a lot about this during Episode #33. Stop missing all the cool stuff! The next new episode drops TOMORROW!

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Episode #33: I Really Don’t Think That The Animal Cracker Qualifies As A Cracker

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In yet another HILARIOUS episode, if we do say so ourselves (and we DO), the boys take an un-ironic journey to the first comic book convention to come to their town in nearly 30 years. Murdock gets attacked by a cane-maker, while Sullivan joins the Army National Guard and Dwight finds a diamond in the rough that soon becomes a very special guest on the show. And as if that wasn’t enough, Sullivan scours the Craigslist Missed Connections and finds a pretty incredible new segment for the show. Doug! DOOOOOOOUG!!! SBP! Continue reading