Episode 97: A Band, Banned

Episode 97: The Cover ArtFor what seems like several weeks in a row, we have a new show! In this action-packed adventure, the boys weigh in on just how close the Gathering of the Juggalos is this year, and why it would be a perfect destination wedding. Special guests include: “Walt Static” of Static X, Cannibal Corpse and Iago the parrot himself, Gilbert Gottfried. We spend some time cultivating the Tom Murdock Dirty-Ass Minute, and then dig deep into the chest of a guy who tested out a bullet-proof vest by having someone shoot him. Hell, we even reference something that was cut out of a previous podcast and gently massage the Brown Rings of Prison Dominance while having a Weekend At Wardell’s. Life may never be the same for you after this. Here’s hoping! SBP!!

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“Electric Babies” by Left Arm (http://www.myspace.com/leftarm)


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Weekly Freekly Weekly – Gathering of the Juggalos 2013 Infomercial

Hey everybody! This is the WORST! And it’s a half-hour LONG!

They had me at “…a SHOWDOWN between TWO of the world’s GREATEST GUNS N ROSES TRIBUTE BANDS!”


Episode #28: But You Don’t Understand, Osgood!

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Episode #28: But You Don’t Understand, Osgood!

The boys plan a trip to Cracker Barrel for a riotous battle of parlor games. Two stuffed monkeys traumatize Dwight to the point of admitting he can’t read. Murdock laments a lack of trustworthiness among family, as well as coins the next best Superman franchise. A spelling error haunts Sullivan’s staunch love of Public Enemy. We introduce several new characters this week, including Nigel, the footballer for the Buffalo Williams who has two vaginas. This one’s a keeper, folks. Alright, alright! Continue reading

Episode #27: We Have Armadillos In Our Trousers

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Murdock listens to pussyrock and looks like Powder. Dwight chastises a cat and hates pop music. Sullivan gets his jimmies rustled when he comes up blank (again). We trade one set of sound/mix issues for another as we join the “27 Club” this week on Slightly Burned Pants. That hum means victory! Continue reading

Episode #26: Why I Oughta…

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Sullivan actually paid money to see The Three Stooges, causing an unplanned celebration of the acting talents of Stephen Collins. Dwight apologizes for emotionally scarring a child while Darth Maul nodded knowingly. Murdock’s mother finally acknowledges her eponymous Comedy Minute and the boys discuss which dead celebrities they would like to see as holograms while pondering what holidays are worthy of the human race getting stinking drunk. This one’s for you, O Canada! Continue reading

Episode #25: You’ve Got Mail

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Dwight tries to make good with all but two of the Chemical Valley Rollergirls. We take matters into our own hands with online dating. We mingle with Christian Mingle and Murdock does physical harm to Dwight as only a Farmer on Farmers Only can. Episode 25 is our quarter…of a hundred episodes…episode. Rejoice, Alpaca farmers, rejoice! Continue reading

Episode #24: The Secret’s In The Sauce

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Sullivan loves batter-dipped corn nuggets. Murdock loves hitting opposing batters in the nuggets. Dwight shares some musical nuggets that get him pumped. It’s the first show in a month with just the three of us, so sit back, relax and enjoy the buffet. Continue reading