Episode 95: A Rabid Vampire Bleeding Beaver

Episode 95: The ArtworkHave you ever been listening to a conversation on a podcast and wondered what it would sound like if one of the participants collapsed? Now you can check that off of your creepy bucket list, because that is just one of many things that happens on this week’s show! As a matter of fact, we go about seven minutes before the episode even really starts. We don’t share your boundaries or your rules. We’re so outside the box, only Mark Knopfler, Jimmy K. and our own lawyer (not really our lawyer) J. Lauson Cashdollar have any idea what could happen next. Prepare to shoot people on your wedding night, play with the big dick of space and run from Predator Mayans. Set your juke boxes to Dire Straits, because you know who loves beaver? SBP!!

Episode 95: The Pic

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