Episode 10

It’s our Non-Christmas Christmas Show! Murdock ponders when absurdity became reality at the Festival of Dwights. Porn thresholds are found, crossed and left in the dust. Dwight has to choose between podcasting or community theatre. Sullivan makes the world’s worst “race” joke. Murdock is shocked to find he’s not the brilliant gift-giver he always thought he was. Sullivan apologizes for having bad aim. Feline Coitus expedites the episode’s ending.

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Music in this week’s episode.

-released 21Dec2011


One thought on “Episode 10

  1. Dear Dwight,

    Not to send you once again to a dictionary, but “antisocial” does not mean “non-social” which many people seem to believe. It means you are against society and its norms. While I agree with your defense against being a socio-path (give or take,) I must say, you may very well be antisocial. Sorry, but this is a pet peeve of mine as I spend a great deal of time in a psychiatric hospital. I also hate overuse of the pronoun “I” and saying that you could care less when you actually mean that you could NOT care less. Not that you guys are guilty of these other violations.

    Alex “somewhat Thai curious himself” Kendall

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