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I watch movies and make movies. I'm a published fantasy novelist and video game freelance writer. I will be an avid SW:TOR player. I've written reviews for Ain't It Cool News under the moniker of Constable Kreegal. I ran a website called "Do Producers Dream of Celluloid Sheep". I run 619 Productions, LLC. I'm a Virgo. I use an HTC Evo because iPhones are lame. My favorite band is Counting Crows. I've seen more movies than you have. If sarcasm isn't your thing, you probably won't like me. I'm ok with that, even though it's your fault. The best advice my father ever gave me was, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story". Stop reading this now and go check out the blog. It's way cooler than either of us.

ICYMI: The Smile That Launched A Thousand Ships


As mentioned, at length, in Episode 88:


And since you guys always want to do your fact-checking, here are some super awesome links!




Now stop jerking it and put that fire out, ass face!


The Garfield Variations


“I think I’ll put that dog’s lights out.”

Our friends at MentalFloss.Com have written a fine article about the many variations of our favorite lasagna-loving, Monday-hating, orange fat cat floating around the internet. It should not be missed.


Happy Tuesday. New Episode tomorrow!

Weekly Freekly Weekly – Gathering of the Juggalos 2013 Infomercial

Hey everybody! This is the WORST! And it’s a half-hour LONG!

They had me at “…a SHOWDOWN between TWO of the world’s GREATEST GUNS N ROSES TRIBUTE BANDS!”



Nothing says "Let's destroy the world!" like the Dragon Ruby.

Nothing says “Let’s destroy the world!” like the Dragon Ruby.

I don’t want to make a big deal about it, but the WORLD IS ABOUT TO BECOME UNHINGED!

J. Herschel Jeffrey and I wrote a novel called “The Dragon Ruby”. It’s available on Amazon.com and all of those other random bookstore websites. It’s a fantasy adventure comedy about a 20-sided ruby with immense power.

It's a book!

It’s a book!

I’m pretty sure scientists dug it up.


I’ll miss you all.

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