Slightly burned pants are a flawed consumer item occasionally found in closeout retail stores. Slightly Burned Pants is a podcast hosted by Michael Sullivan. And like its flawed-clothing cousin, the podcast may be irregular – but not without merit.

Twitter:  @Burned Pants  #SBPants

Reddit: r/SlightlyBurnedPants/

The Slightly Burned Pants Podcast is a comedy podcast featuring host Michael Sullivan and two smartasses, Dwight Slappe and T. Michael Murdock.  It suddenly appears every Wednesday on iTunes and Libsyn.

The Contributors:

Michael Sullivan, the quiet one, enjoys spending time with his friends and thinks you will too, hence this site and podcast. He also enjoys rage-quitting video games and immersing himself in the music of Frank Zappa. He lives with Best Wife in Barboursville, WV with their five cats.  Follow him on Twitter @thegoogly.

Dwight Slappe is a lower-middle class philanthropist and raconteur. He tells people his favorite movie is Rushmore but in reality it’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Among the other things Dwight dedicates his time and passion to are music, theater, sports and revenge. He likes buffalo wings and once saw a UFO. Follow Dwight on Twitter @dwightslappe.

T. Michael Murdock is an actor, writer and disposable hero.  Sometimes he writes video game reviews for Joystiq.  Sometimes he writes movie reviews for Ain’t It Cool News.  Sometimes he angers people and they attack his novel, “The Dragon Ruby”, written with J. Herschel Jeffrey, on amazon.com.  But he loves you anyway.  Find him on Facebook or G+, and add him on Twitter @tmichaelmurdock