Episode #88: Guitarists in Gondolas Getting Granola

Episode 88: The ArtworkEvery new episode is like a beautiful pearl, plucked from the very living oysters of honest, hard-hitting journalistic comedy. For instance, in this episode, we hit the ground running by drinking alone and being bad to the bone with new friends to the podcast Steven Wright Vaughn and Jerry Seinfeld Thorogood. We talk about their new hit 4G (by Sprint) web series and tackle why you should only travel by land boat. Not only all of that, but we also delve, deeply, into what it’s like to be Rutgerless in the midst of a 4-alarm Gomez Kerfuffle while being the main attraction of several meaty fingers. Even William H. Macy can’t help but look on (and sometimes participate). This, just like the last 87 episodes, is one you don’t want to miss! SBP!!

Episode 88: The Pic

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Music in this week’s episode.


One thought on “Episode #88: Guitarists in Gondolas Getting Granola

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