Episode #87: Night Court Weed

Episode 87: The Cover ArtYou ever get hiiiiiiiigh offa that Night Court Weeeeeeeed? Shit, son. Go TO it! It’s Episode 87 and all bets are off. In this new, top shelf at the corner liquor store in a town in the hills that doesn’t have electricity show, we introduce Shit-in-the-Hand Johnny, talk about a fire-breathing, three-headed mythological monster that just pooped out some babies, and apologize while dropping hilarious joke bombs that only Murdock’s mother could love (except that joke we did three times). And hey! Do you listen to us on TuneIn Radio?! If so, you’re sexy. If not, you should check that out on your Playstation or other app-using device so we can get jalapeño business. Yeah… you heard us. SBP!!

Episode 87: The Pic

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Music in this week’s episode.


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