Episode #85: Canadian Gooseeggs

Episode 85: The ArtworkWho would have thought that 84 episodes ago, we would be here today, with episode 85? Certainly not long-time listeners and friends of the podcast Lance Bass and Jay-Z. In truth, they probably came over to play some disc golf, but ended up getting thrown in the fridge. C’est la vie. However, even without them, we take a walk on the #BieberPanic wild side, complete with sticky floors and circus peanuts. It’s a celebration of everything we hold dear – like drugs, teeth, Rodeo Cheeseburgers, regret, awkward pauses and reasons you can’t put your furniture together correctly. If you aren’t already listening to the show, this is a great one to start on, if only because we introduce our good friend Jack Whorebath. So let’s you, us and G.I. Jesus have a sit down and talk out the funny, ok? Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. We could’ve done it without you, but we would’ve had to have come up with something on our own. HOVA! SBP!!

Episode 85: The Pic

Murdock succumbs to Temptation and threatens Dwight.

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Music in this week’s episode.


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