Episode #82: The Monkey’s Paw

Episode 82: The Cover Art

The ball is dropping on 2013, which means the likelihood of us living another year gets iffy at best. But we wouldn’t want to go out on anything other than THREE EPISODES IN A ROW! Can you believe it? And over the holidays, too! In this episode we revisit Dwight’s refrigerator. It’s been several weeks, after all. Has anything changed for the better? Or worse? What’s growing in that tinfoil? It’s probably about the same as Sullivan’s dinner of circus peanuts. In this final episode of 2013, we attack the last bastion of theatre fan fiction and snuff out the final bit of good will any Browncoat might have collected. Then, as a public service, we gently discuss how to thwart menstruation on a deserted island, or anywhere, really (presuming you have access to monkeys – and who doesn’t?). Happy New Year from Slightly Burned Pants! Thanks for listening another year. Our fans are the BEST fans. We hope your ball drops, too! SBP!!

Episode 82: The Pic

Murdock and Dwight, during the recording of Episode 82

“Electric Babies” by Left Arm (http://www.myspace.com/leftarm)

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Music in this week’s episode.


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