Episode #81: The Ken Burns Paradox

Episode 81: The Cover ArtIt’s the 2013 SBP Holiday Sullivantacular! Marvel at the Festival of Dwights! Do whatever it is you do during MurdocKwanza! In this, the freshest of new episodes, we talk about all that holiday stuff you listeners love mentally digesting: suicide, why things in movies can’t be real, suicide, who Sullivan texts during podcast recording, suicide, why the next oldest generation loves eating at the world’s worst buffets, suicide, the Mothman, suicide, Dwight thinking he’s in better shape than Sullivan, even though Sullivan has now run two 5Ks, suicide, Sullivan’s Christmas cats and his long-standing nightmares of secret extra cats, suicide, and we share a heart-warming story about Steven Seagal and DMX that will really make you sad you (and everyone else) missed the G+ Hangout (that no one knew about, especially Murdock) during the show. All this and probably more! Happy Holidays from everyone here at SBP!!

Episode 81: The Pic

Dwight and Murdock, both,  have “Solved It!”

“Electric Babies” by Left Arm (http://www.myspace.com/leftarm)

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Music in this week’s episode.


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