Episode #75: Joe Estevez Has The Hook-up For Orgasms

Episode 75: The ArtworkHere’s a thing we probably shouldn’t do: we probably shouldn’t let Murdock just randomly bring up stuff to talk about. You know how sometimes our show is not, how you might say, “structured”? Well, in this instance, the first half of the show is basically Murdock bringing up random topics of his own interest and forcing us to talk about them (and worse, forcing Sullivan to edit it into something vaguely listenable). The second half of the show is a Sullivan News Story™ about blowing yourself up while shooting a t-shirt cannon. In this three-quarters of a century episode, we cover everything from the death of #BlurredLines to the sanctity of Murphy Brown to the entire filmography of Emilio’s uncle Joe. So find a buddy, dust off your SBP Bingo™ board and buckle up for the train into non sequitur town. Why would you ever listen to anything else? SBP!!

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“Electric Babies” by Left Arm (http://www.myspace.com/leftarm)

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Music in this week’s episode.


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