Episode #73: Kolor Me, Kremlin

Episode 73: The Cover ArtHere in Episode 73, we change the rules and the location! No longer are we restricted by the confines of the original Adventureplex! No! For the first time in our stunningly long podcast careers, we dive off into the murky night at the Adventureplex: AFTER DARK! Not only that, but we create SBP Obscure Actor Bingo and make sure that Darwin the Dolphin is on Twitter. Then, we talk, at length, about the pros and cons of what sounds like one of the greatest jobs in the world. Not enough? Want more? How about that time that Bane from Batman was in Silence of the Lambs? Yeah – it’s exactly what you think it would be – hysterical! Just like your prom date’s first pregnancy! SBP!!

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Twitter: @burnedpants@tmichaelmurdock@dwightslappe and Michael Sullivan (@thegoogly)

Review us on itunes, leave comments, have fun!  We hope we make you laugh a little.

Music in this week’s episode.


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