Episode #65: Blurred Lines

065_SBP_1400x1400_03082013#THICKE Have you ever heard a song or watched a video or listened to a podcast and thought – “This must be what it’s like to be amazing”? We have. #THICKE It’s one of the reasons we give you our podcasts to listen to. But aside from how great WE are, our fascination with Robin #THICKE’s “Blurred Lines” comes to a head this week, so much so that we even temporarily renamed the show. #THICKE Also in this episode, as if you needed more, the boys try to discuss that hot new Iron Man moving picture, but other things keep coming up. #THICKE Relevant and retro at the same time – retrovant! #THICKE SBP!!

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Twitter: @burnedpants@tmichaelmurdock@dwightslappe and Michael Sullivan (@thegoogly)

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Music in this week’s episode.


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