Episode #64: Squeeze It and Please It

064_SBP_1400x1400_03082013This just in: we are no longer going to acknowledge gaps between episodes! It’s like we never took a break! Brilliant! Now, marvel at our Keachstarter™ movie pitch! Which podcast can you hear about Richard Grieco, Donald Faison, Orson Welles 3D, Dead Coach from Cheers and alive Coach Craig T. Nelson? This one, of course. And if there’s another one, you should probably go listen to that one, too, because it’s probably better. But wait, there’s MORE! Delight in Sullivan’s medical maladies! Can he breathe? Has he inhaled a cat? Is that stuff flowing from his belly button worth saving? HOW ARE WE NOT THE MOST WELL-KNOWN PODCAST ON PLANET EARTH?! SBP!!

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Twitter: @burnedpants@tmichaelmurdock@dwightslappe and Michael Sullivan (@thegoogly)

Review us on itunes, leave comments, have fun!  We hope we make you laugh a little.

Music in this week’s episode.


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