Episode #57: We Seem to Have Mutual Control Over Our Body

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Monday, Mondaaaaay, so good to me – Monday, Mondaaaaay, it was all I hoped it would be! The Mommas & The Papas ain’t got nothin’ on us, except Murdock *almost* choked to death on a sandwich once. Can you believe how early we are this week? Do you think we’ll continue putting out episodes on Mondays so that we get downloaded with every other podcast you listen to each week? Maybe. But until we know for sure, please enjoy the boys talking about mix tapes; the songs best suited to play for your enemy who is in a vegetative state and can’t move, but can still hear; something about Star Wars and something about the Justice League. Now that doesn’t sound like anything you want to miss, right? Also, t-shirts from our store have free shipping until Wednesday, so get your orders ON! WE’RE SO EARLY! CELEBRATE! SBP!

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Music in this week’s episode.


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