You Can Help Jake “The Snake” Roberts!

Welcome to The Snake Pit.

Welcome to The Snake Pit.

I’m a pushover when it comes to sad videos by people that I used to really enjoy being entertained by when I was a kid. Maybe you aren’t. That’s cool. You monster.

Here’s the thing: Former professional wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts is trying to straighten out his life, and he needs shoulder surgery. He created an indiegogo page to try to raise the money. With 27 days left, he has DESTROYED the goal. So, you know, don’t feel compelled to give him anything else unless you’re just awesome, like us. We’d probably do the same for you. Maybe.

And look, maybe you hate the fact that he’s begging. Maybe you think he’ll take the money and throw the biggest booze, whore and crank party you can throw in Georgia, but… hopefully not… you know?

Murdock (We have T-SHIRTS and a PODCAST!)


One thought on “You Can Help Jake “The Snake” Roberts!

  1. So long as I can get an invite to do blow off a hooker’s ass, I don’t give a fuck what he does with my donation.

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