Episode #46: Nobody Is Here Permanently

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Finally, after all this time, it’s the 46th episode you’ve all been waiting for! In this overly-long show, the boys follow a leprechaun down a seedy path of prostitution and destruction to the dulcet tones of Rick Dees. Murdock gets thrown under the Craig’s List bus by both Sullivan & Dwight, as well as Awkward Roommate. At various points, we talk about Raul Julia & Street Fighter, Construction Tops, Joe Don Baker, Pig Bottoms, Bob Villa, All-you-can-eat sex buffets, original Nintendo JAWS and the extreme importance of coordinates. We’re back and you deserve it. What happens at the Paddy Wagon STAYS at the Paddy Wagon. SBP!

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Twitter: @burnedpants@tmichaelmurdock@dwightslappe and Michael Sullivan (@thegoogly)

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Music in this week’s episode.


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