Warner Brothers Caves, Will Cut And Re-Edit Gangster Squad

A bunch of guys shooting through a movie screen with a tommy guns is EXACTLY what happened in Aurora. Right?

This sets a terrible and dangerous precedent for film or anything else.

Warner Brothers has decided to not only cut the scene from the trailers for the film Gangster Squad, which I wrote about last week, but now they have decided to cut the scene out of the movie entirely, even though the scene was “important to the film” and now they are going to have to do re-shoots and re-edit the final product.

Let this be a lesson to all the writers and directors out there. Your creative and artistic vision is far less important than your production company trying to save face or when that company decides that they know what’s best for viewers.

I guess this answers the questions brought up in the comments of our last piece on this: I doubt it’s for publicity now, since no one will even have a reason to go Gangster Squad to see what all the fuss was about. The only hope now is for people to say “Didn’t I hear something about that movie a few months ago?”.

I agree with some of the AICN commentors, which is sort of a frightening thing to say, I know, but just move the date back a few months, if you really think there’s going to be some kind of backlash. There won’t be. But if you can’t see that, then don’t make the artistic integrity of the film suffer for your lack of sense. Move it to November. Take your lumps for the coincidence and move on.

Obviously, this whole thing riles me up. Should we have taken the towers out of Escape From New York? I mean, he lands on one them when he flies in. That reminds me of when there used to be a tall building there. Geez. People make me crazy.

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