Justice League of America – The T.V. Movie

These tights were made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’ll do…

Happy Monday!

Not many people know that in 1997, there was a t.v. movie, intended to be a pilot for an on-going series, based on the Justice League of America.

The effects were bad. The costumes were goofy. The acting was cringe-worthy. The writing was atrocious. BUT… it’s all terrible in a “I can’t stop watching because it’s so awful” kind of way.

They went with the Justice League from the comics from the late 80’s, early 90’s when Fire & Ice were in the group and Guy Gardner was Green Lantern. Yet they have Barry Allen’s Flash in here, too. We do get a smashing turn from David Ogden Stiers as J’onn J’onzz, the Oreo-loving Martian Manhunter (clearly, because he’s quite large in the Martian gut region, it seems), but there’s certainly no Superman or Batman to be found. They round out the team with…..The Atom?. Wonderful choices, all. And poor Miguel Ferrer as the villain – The Weather Man. It’s just a piece of Justice League history that everyone should see.

In my estimation, nothing will ever touch the J.M DeMatteis / Keith Giffen years on the JLA/JLI/JLE. Those books were nothing short of hilarious, and had no small effect on me as a writer. I hope, one day, other comics writers will get it the way those guys do. They’re personal heroes of mine, and for my money, no one has ever done the Justice League…uh…justice… the way they did. BWAH-hahahahahahahahahaha!

Anyway, here’s the t.v. movie, in its entirety. Good luck!

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