The Punisher – Dirty Laundry

It’s not revenge… it’s PUNISHMENT.

So, Thomas Jane clearly loves Frank Castle and The Punisher. He loves the character so much that he enlisted some friends to help him make a Punisher fan film. Then he took that fan film to Comic-Con over the weekend and had a showing of it. I hope Marvel was paying attention. I’m a complete apologist for the Thomas Jane Punisher movie. I really love everything about it. Even the silly stuff. The second one is even more ridiculous, and I dig the hell out of that, too, honestly. I really wish they give Jane the ball back and make a supremely kick-ass Punisher movie that fans deserve. If it’s anything like the following fan-film, I’d be first in line. Holla.

Murdock (We have a PODCAST that deserves your full attention!)


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