Marvel’s Item 47 and Thor: The Dark World and PHASE ONE Box Previews

I want all of the items.

Marvel loves tossing more love at the Blu-Ray / DVD releases of their movies, typically adding what they call a “one-shot”, or short film, and The Avengers is no exception. They even made a poster for this one (see above). It’s called Item 47, and it stars super hot Lizzy Caplan. I’m guessing that, in the aftermath of The Avengers saving (and destroying a lot of) New York, some alien tech got left behind.

Here’s the preview for the short:

As if you weren’t going to buy it anyway. I mean, PLEASE. Yes, that’s right. If you clicked the link behind this sentence, you saw the crazy Marvel Cinematic Universe: PHASE ONE – Avengers Assembled boxed set.

I want a Cosmic Cube. How come nobody ever gets ME a Cosmic Cube?!

PHASE ONE is now over, and all of these new movies coming out are going to officially be PHASE TWO. So, get ready. It’s gonna get nuts.

And finally, because there wasn’t anything else really released with this other than the title and date, here’s the card for the next Thor film. G’night!

So dark. So, so dark.

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