Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Preview

Tony Stark-centric. Excellent.

Honestly, once Marvel started doing things right, they REALLY started doing things right. I wish DC had even half the balls (or talent) that Marvel has. Even the FOX Marvel properties like Spider-Man, X-Men and the soon-to-be-rebooted Fantastic Four are solid. I just wish they could all live in the same world. The problem with DC is they don’t even have a world, regardless of studio. Alas. Maybe one day.

In the meantime, here’s some cool stuff about what Marvel is about to do. Along with some sweet video of Robert Downey, Jr. being the coolest guy in the universe to a bunch of fans, including a bunch of little kids dressed as Iron Man. The guy’s incredible. Enjoy.

Here’s a pic of the new suit and a bunch of the old suits:

I’ll take the cool one. Oh, wait…they’re ALL COOL.

And here’s an in-depth analysis of the footage they showed, as well as the highlights of the Iron Man 3 Panel by Quint of AICN!

Here’s RDJ dancing into the hall from the back, through the entire audience, complete with a repulsor!

Here’s RDJ surprising a bunch of kids (and right at the end the camera swings past the new suit again)!

More Marvel stuff to come throughout this evening!

Murdock (We have T-SHIRTS and a  PODCAST!)


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