Firefly Cast Reunion 2012 At SDCC + New Firefly SERIES?

We’re still flying.

Up late and I wanted to get something up about the Firefly reunion that happened at San Diego Comic Con. There aren’t really crisp videos of it yet, but the Science Channel is going to air really nice stuff during their Firefly Marathon later this Summer.

There is one, however, that the fine folks over at JoBlo put up, and it tugs at my heart. To see Nathan Fillion crying and Joss Whedon getting choked up and emotional, still, a decade later, shows just how much the show and the fans mean to them. The first video is the final speech by Joss. The second video is the “Firefly Reunion Trailer” that Science in showing to prep for the Firefly Marathon.

It should also be noted that BleedingCool has a story up about a possible REBOOT of the series, complete with all of the original cast. Whedon seems keen, and so does Debbie Myers, the General Manager of the Science Channel. Whether this pans out or lays around for 5 more years like Arrested Development is anyone’s guess, but… Arrested Development is actually happening now… and I’m pretty sure that after The Avengers… Whedon can do just about anything he wants to do. I believe it when I see it. Fingers crossed, people!

JoBlo’s Firefly Reunion Comic Con Video

Science Channel’s Firefly Reunion Trailer

Have a great weekend!

Murdock (Our PODCAST is full of Pank Napples!)


2 thoughts on “Firefly Cast Reunion 2012 At SDCC + New Firefly SERIES?

  1. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years… Also, how does your bio NOT mention your Conduit 2 review? Certainly that is the highlight of your career thus far.

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