By Mike Barbour @caqtain

Ok, folks – here’s a challenge. Friend to the podcast Mike Barbour made this for us, and we love it, but it got us thinking… maybe we should post this and say: “Anyone else want to try?”

For the next two weeks, send us your mock-ups of Prancer’s Pens & Pencils, then “Like” the Facebook Page and we’ll give each entry their very own post on SBP and, after the two weeks are up, we’ll put a poll on the aforementioned SBP Facebook Page to determine a winner, and the winner will receive a FREE T-SHIRT (and I should say… we’re about to unveil a NEW T-SHIRT as well, so you won’t be winning something you might already have!). Sound like fun?

Here’s a little inspiration to go along with it!

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s some outtakes and the origin of the bit as well!

If, for some reason, you don’t know anything about Prancer’s Pens & Pencils, head on over to itunes and subscribe to our weekly ADULT comedy podcast, and then, once you’re subscribed, download Episode #35 and give it a listen (then you can come back and watch the above videos for more inspiration!) Let’s get those creative juices FLOWING! We’re crazy excited to see what you’ve got! Just have fun!

E-Mail your creations to: podcast AT slightlyburnedpants DOT com or send us a link to @BurnedPants on Twitter – remember, for best viewing of your product on our site, etc., be sure to make your art pretty large. We don’t want the folks seeing it to not be able to appreciate all of your exceptional nuance!

Murdock (Tomorrow’s PODCAST is full of Pank Napples!)

UPDATE: We have a winner! Details soon.


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