The Most Random Celebrities Sing “Let It Be”

So this video has been floating around the inTARwubz for quite awhile now, since about 2010, and it just came back onto my radar when my friend and avid site reader / podcast listener Jeff Tutt posted it on the SBP Facebook Page and I got to thinking… what’s the story with this? It’s hilarious, in and of itself, but there has to be some kind of ridiculous story to go along with this. Thus, to Google I went… and I was not disappointed.

First – the aforementioned video:

Now – what brings all these “famous people” together, other than a green screen and a CGI beach? Why, the Norwegian television show Golden Times, of course – Gylne Tider, if you’re nasty. This was a promo for this entertainment t.v. show, featuring all of the “stars” they interviewed that season. Pretty great idea, I think. I mean, we’ve got Dolph Lundgren, the one guy that’s still alive from Milli Vanilli and a rough-looking Kathleen Turner all singing “Let It Be” together! This is computer-generated history!

Here’s the kicker though – some of the “celebs” claim that they were duped into doing it, and by “some”, I mean Bud Bundy, or as his mother probably called him, David Faustino:

Basically, I go to red carpets and sing beatles songs. It’s what I do.

“It was just one of those things that happened on the red carpet at some event, where a camera crew nabbed random, extremely gullible celebrities — apparently like myself — and asked them for an interview,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “They were, like, ‘We’re putting this [music] video together and it’s for charity.’ At least I remember I thought I was doing something good for somebody. Oh well. Live and learn. F*** it. Let it Be.”

I only have two things to say about that. ONE: What the fuck red carpet was David Faustino on? Was he a caterer and someone recognized him? And TWO: If Malcolm-Jamal Warner, the chick from Berlin, known skier Alberto Tomba, both broads that mattered from Twin Peaks and Glenn Fucking Close aren’t complaining about it, you shouldn’t either, Bud. Just be happy you finally got on t.v. again. And are we really supposed to believe that a bunch of videographers from Norway are going up to people on random red carpet events and asking them to break into “Let It Be” and filming them clearly enough to use in ads later? Really? If so, I’m pissed nobody has asked me to do it yet. Assholes.

Read all about it from his Hollywod Reporter article!

And now we know all there is to know! You’re welcome!

Murdock (Tomorrow’s PODCAST is going to ruin your ears!)


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