Keanu Reeves: Film Innovator?


When you think about people that have or even *could* revolutionize film, specifically how fight scenes are shot in films, Keanu Reeves wouldn’t be on the list, right? I mean, sure he was IN some films that revolutionized cinema, but he didn’t *do* any of it.

Well, now here’s a little story that’s going to change your mind, and if this whole system works, watch the fuck out, because it’s going to be AWESOME.

For his directorial debut, a film called “Man of Tai Chi“, Keanu and some pals have created an entirely new system to film fights practically, without CGI cut-ins or CGI swings. It would all be done for real, with a kick-ass ROBOT and a DOLLY. So, so cool.

Here’s the story on JoBlo.Com.

And here’s the Proof of Concept video. I think it’s super badass. What do you think?

Murdock (Go listen to our PODCAST!)


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