These Circus Clowns Will Give You A BJ Because The Heat Won!

Oh, GOD! You first! YOU FIRST! Where’s the BATHROOM?!?

Good news, everyone! If you follow a couple of the ugliest pornstars in the business on Twitter and do a few other mildly embarrassing things, you will earn your spot in the (no doubt) ridiculously long line for blow jobs now that the Miami Heat won the NBA championship this season.

I’ll post a link to the story on BSO in a second, but here’s really all you need to know:

This is REAL and not a joke.  We reported yesterday about Porn Stars Angelina Castro and Sara Jay making a Twitter bet that if the Miami Heat won the NBA Title they would give their followers blow jobs.

They are women of their word.

Here’s the whole story:

Porn Stars Sara Jay and Angelina Castro Give Details on How to Collect BJ For Heat Title


I’m guessing they would’ve been better served blowing the referees before the games, but whatever. It worked. Just when I thought pro basketball couldn’t suck anymore, I read something like this (which proves me right, literally). I’m so very excited to bit torrent this inevitable video, just to tell people I have a video of two ugly girls with bad tit-jobs sucking 20,000 dicks at a homeless shelter in Miami.

That’ll be worth it, I think.

I, for one, think we should do an SBP live remote from whatever empty gator barn they’ll be performing this in, when it’s all said and done. We can all like the Heat and some ugly-science-experiments-gone-wrong for a few weeks, right?

You know… FOR THE STORY!

Murdock (Go listen to our PODCAST!)


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