“The Hokey Pokey” And The FestivALL 72-Hour Film Competition

Black and white makes everyone look professional. Photo by Eric Near

So, over the last 72 hours, a bunch of people, myself included, had to make a 7-minute film for a competition in Charleston, WV as part of FestivALL. That’s why all of my friends are angry at me for missing parties and not being able to hang out with them in celebration of various things, etc., over the weekend. I’m pretty sure I’ve apologized to everyone that needs apologizing to, but I’m sure I’ll hear about it for the next FOREVER. However, to make a movie from top to bottom in 72 hours, no matter how long, you don’t even get to sleep, let alone do much of anything that ISN’T making that movie. Anyway, sorry again, friends. It would’ve been way cooler if we had won, so I could have at least waved the check in everyone’s face. But, SPOILER ALERT: We didn’t even place.

Here’s how it went down: We all brainstormed the story idea, I wrote the screenplay and we shot it, edited it, scored it and finished it in 72 hours. The overall theme of the competition was “Discovery”, so we had to include that. We also had to draw two words out of a hat and include them in the making of the film. Those two words were “detect” and “sunlight”.

The film began at noon this past Thursday, June 21st and ended at noon on Sunday, June 24th. At 6 p.m. on that same Sunday, they screened the films at the WVSU Capitol Center Theater in Charleston, and then announced the winners after all the films were screened.

We ended up making a 6min57sec movie without credits. Here’s how it turned out. Hope you like it.

Not bad, I think. The pacing is rushed and we had to expedite A LOT of stuff in order to keep it under 7 minutes. We probably shot about 30 minutes worth of usable material that we will eventually add back in for a Director’s Cut in the next few weeks (EAT YOUR HEART OUT, RIDLEY SCOTT!) that will help expand the story, slow it down a bit, tie a few other things together, etc.

The film that won was called “Meta”, and it’s by Apartment 2B Productions. This film showed first at the competition, and I knew we were in trouble. These folks did a helluva job putting this together. It’s clever, smart and funny. I was impressed. Those are all hard things to do in 72 hours and condense it down to 7 minutes. They definitely deserved the number one spot, and they got a nice little write-up on SpotlightWV.com. Congratulations, Apartment 2B!

Here’s “Meta”:

Congrats to everyone involved in ANY of the films. Making a movie in 72 hours with 3 restrictions is fucking HARD. But we did it, and so did a bunch of other folks. I am very glad I got to be a part of it.

The group I worked with, Weeping Bard Productions, actually won first place last year with their film “Pulse”. Find out a little more about Weeping Bard and take a look at “Pulse” after the clicky-jump!

Weeping Bard Productions was created by Tom E. Pinkerton, Michael Naglee and Jennifer Naglee. They were the first place winners of last year’s FestivALL 72-Hour Film Festival competition with “Pulse”.

Check it out:

They also made a Director’s Cut of “Pulse” as well.

Here’s that:


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