The Avengers: Director’s Cut – In October?

Sure, I’d see it again. Why not? It’s pretty fucking AWESOME.

So, it appears that Disney may release a “Director’s Cut” of The Avengers in theaters in October, in order to solidify the film’s chance at becoming the highest grossing film of all time. The director’s cut, which was going to be included on the Blu-Ray release of the film anyway, will add another 35 or so minutes, kicking the running time up to just over 3 hours.

Now granted, none of this is confirmed yet, but I think it’s a pretty serious possibility.  I mean, why not?  Toss it out again at the end of the Summer season, this time with more footage. Who wouldn’t see 30 more minutes of a movie they loved the first time around? Hell, Avatar did the same thing, and that’s the current, reigning champion of film gross right now. Seems like a smart idea to me. What do you think?

Here’s a story about it from SuperHero Authority.

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