Spider-Man, Expendables 2, Prometheus & More! New Trailer Friday!

The Lizard in a lab coat! LAB COAT! LAAAAAB COOOOOAT!

God, I love movies. I’m one of those guys that loves getting to the theater early to make sure I see all of the trailers. I bet most of you are, too. So instead of stealing page views and creating a separate post for all of these (because they’re totally awesome and worth your time to watch), I figured I’d just round them all up on one post and you could watch them at your leisure.

We’ll start off with the brand spankin’ new The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer:

Now, The Expendables 2:

Seth McFarland’s Red Band Trailer for TED:

The new international trailer for Prometheus:

The new full-length MIB3 trailer:

And finally, the trailer for the sorta-sequel to Knocked Up – This is 40:

Simon Pegg’s new movie, A Fantastic Fear Of Everything:

Enjoy watching trailers instead of working!

Murdock (Go listen to our PODCAST!)


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