Tired Of Lame-Ass Trivia? Try PopQuizzical!

Brought to you with love by voice over artist and notorious super villain, Bob Ball. Poster art by known bon vivant Justin Russo. Get on the bus!

Occasionally we use our glorious SBP Outreach Program® to help spread the word about what our friends are doing. This is another one of those times.

May we humbly recommend: PopQuizzical – The Internet’s Favorite Quiz Show!

This short (10-15 minute), bi-weekly podcast is a lot of fun and will help boost your “cool” knowledge. This in turn will make you a hit at parties as well as make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Forget about the fact that you’ll get to listen to another free, entertaining podcast (as well as bonus HintCasts), but you’ll also get to bathe in the smooth, dulcet tones of professional voice artist Bob Ball.

All of these things are worth it.

Here’s a video giving you the lowdown on what to expect from PopQuizzical!

Learn even more at PopQuizzical.Com. Bob has been very kind to us on various forms of social media, and we hope this will at least return the favor a little.  Check it out!

BONUS:  The poster art for PopQuizzical was done by the extremely talented Justin Russo, who has done a great deal of work for your favorite podcasts like My Brother, My Brother And Me. Here’s his website! Here’s his Society6 Store! Here’s his RedBubble Store!

Enjoy!  Maybe this will be a new Monday tradition. A surprise “Thank You” of sorts. Probably not, though. We’re all pretty lazy. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love you and aren’t eternally grateful for everyone’s support. We totally are.

Murdock (Listen to our PODCAST!)


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