ICYMI: Tales Of The Gold Monkey

So much action and adventure they could only make 22 episodes because more than that would have ruined all other television FOREVER.

Here at Slightly Burned Pants, We don’t want anyone to feel left out, so here’s a heapin’ helpin’ of Tales of the Gold Monkey, starring your friend and mine Stephen Collins as the roguish Jake Cutter.

Thanks to alert Facebook followers (Read: Sean Scaletta), we were reminded that his sidekick was, in fact, a Jack Russell terrier with a patch on his eye, named Jack. The dog used to have a fake eye made out of Opal that Jake lost in a poker game. Shenanigans!

But let us also not forget that RODDY MCDOWALL was also in this one-season wonder of a show, as Bon Chance Louie (but to be fair, Ron Moody played him in the pilot and McDowall took over on the series. I can’t believe Moody had bigger fish to fry).

Here’s the opening credits!

Want to know more?!? Of course you do! So much stuff after the jumpy-clicky!

Here’s the Wiki:

Here’s where you can buy it on Amazon (and you SHOULD):

Here’s a rad clip of Collins and McDowell:

Here’s a sexy interview with Stephen Collins from ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT:

Here’s even a “Where Are They Now” video for the cast:

You are SO, so welcome.

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