The Nerdist Takes Over The YouTubes


In case you haven’t seen it yet, Chris Hardwick and his “The Nerdist” regime are creating a YouTube Channel, complete with a bunch of shows, including stuff on games, movies, music, etc. It could be awesome or it could flop, but either way, I’m subscribing.

There was a story on it on AICN today, because Ain’t It Cool is a sponsor and Harry and the gang are going to be doing some shows. So, apparently, is Rob Zombie, Lorne Michaels Productions and the Jim Henson Creature Shop.

You fans of The Walking Dead out there may remember Hardwick’s zombie make-up was done by Greg Nicotero (the guy in charge of zombies on the show) for Talking Dead last Sunday.

There’s a lot of possible cool here. Let’s hope for the best. Subscribe with me, won’t you?

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