Chevy Chase – 1980’s Troubadour

"Short People breathe much less air."

Here’s your fucked up music for the weekend.

Every asshole actor wants to be a singer. I mean, I did it. Well, here’s Chevy’s record. He released an LP in 1980. It’s self-titled. Obviously.


You know how Bruce Willis tried? You know how Shatner just sort of talked? This is almost a complete mix of the two.

Highlights include “Let It Be” sung like the Chipmunks, crying and using kazoos through “Wild Thing”, and a parody of Randy Newman’s “Short People” that may be the greatest song ever recorded. And I’m not even mentioning the disco songs or his take on “Rapper’s Delight” (which is HYSTERICAL). Then again, I’m figuring I don’t have to mention them, because you’re going to be listening to this album on repeat for the rest of the weekend.


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