Feds Shut Down MegaUpload, Hackers Respond, Kanye’s Mother Sad

"All Your Files Are Belong To Us"

The popular internet upload site MegaUpload.Com, as well as several subsidiaries, were federally indicted today on the grounds that they deal in pirated content like movies, music, video games and porn. They were hit with racketeering charges, copyright infringement and money laundering. BOOM!

You may know the site (other than where you upload your homemade porn – which I love by the way, so let me know where you’ll be putting it up now) because it’s been championed by Kanye West, Will.i.am, P. Diddy, known sex tape enthusiast Kim Kardashian and is run by Alicia Keys’s husband Swizz Beatz (clearly his real name).

According to the Washington Post:
Investigators say Megaupload’s executives made more than $175 million through subscription fees and online ads while robbing authors, movie producers, musicians and other copyright holders of more than $500 million.

Even though the Feds said this didn’t have anything to do with the legislation being tossed around Washington right now, some hackers didn’t take kindly to the shut down of the popular site and took it upon themselves to block access to some websites themselves, including Universal Music and the Justice Department.  War is hell.

Links to stories and the official indictment papers after the clicky-jump.

Here’s the story from the Washington Post

Here’s the indictment

Here’s a story about the SOPA protests yesterday

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