So Bad It’s AWESOME: Bikini Blitzkrieg

"You guys want to kill some nazis?" "Sure! Let's get our bikinis!"

Dangerous Minds ran a story a couple of days ago about this little gem.

Basically, some folks spent two days in Luxembourg shooting a short film awhile back and cut this trailer together. The trailer is what the movie “could be” if they got some funding instead of just spending out of pocket. It took them a year to do the “special effects”. They’ve put a shit-ton of effort into this movie that, in actuality, doesn’t even exist. Somebody needs to step up.

There’s so much awesome in this trailer that I can barely breathe. Giant, flying razor swastikas, cardboard cut-out Nazi zombies, uh…. syringes full of NAZI MAGIC JUICE!!!!111!one!!1!

Full trailer after the jump. Just watch it. It’s fucking AWESOME.

Are you telling me that Troma couldn’t throw these guys a few million dollars? Hell, maybe YOU can! (Since all of our readers are independently wealthy billionaires. I think. That’s what I tell everyone, anyway.)

Here’s the official website: BikiniBlitzkrieg.Com (obviously).

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2 thoughts on “So Bad It’s AWESOME: Bikini Blitzkrieg

  1. Bad? This looks better than like 99.9% of anything put out today!!

    I’d pay double to see this. Especially if it were being shown at midnight!!

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