Harrison Ford Watches Indiana Jones For The First Time – UPDATED

OK, so I guess it wasn’t clear that this was a joke. My bad. The footage was taken from Harrison Ford playing Uncharted 3 for a Japanese commercial. I just thought it was funnier this way. (Also, like, the very first comment calls it out as “not real”, so I figured everyone would get it.)  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to link some other stuff after the jump, to help people understand the glory of this whole bit of business.  Love you, mean it.

(If he’s acting, it’s the best work Harrison Ford’s done since American Graffiti. Truth.)

Murdock (Listen to our PODCAST!)

Special thanks to Steve Schmitz for posting this on Facebook where I watched it for the very first time.

Stay tuned after the jump for the long version of Ford playing Uncharted 3, the actual Japanese commercial, and another hilarious video where they switch out UC3 for Minecraft. Hey kid! I’m a computer!

The whole cut:

The commercial:

Indy plays Minecraft:


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