Episode #12: With Friends Like You Who Needs Friends

2012 is officially the year of Slightly Burned Pants. After a slew of references to earlier shows, Murdock tells everyone about funeral home Thumbies. Dwight introduces his Russell Brand impression to the world. The animatronic animals at a local pizza place/arcade dole out cocaine. Sullivan hates SWAT. Dwight courts the ire of Browncoats everywhere. Murdock apologizes for the “Insanity.” And the Cleaning Crew make another appearance. Don’t forget to hug your snake today!

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Music in this week’s episode.


3 thoughts on “Episode #12: With Friends Like You Who Needs Friends

  1. The mechanical bears always played Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right” for me. Which really should have been the stuff of many childhood nightmares, but I thought they were AWESOME.

  2. I propose you guys install a game show segment where you rattle of famous quotes, and we have to guess whether you are doing it as Russell Brand or Austin Powers.

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