Making Fans Wherever We Go

Here’s a little something we got on our John Ritter YouTube video last night. We figured you guys would get as much of a kick out of it as we did.

"I'm guessing this person just read the title, since he/she obviously didn't listen or watch the video at all. Thanks for loading the page, though, sucker."

Dear pavanpatel020183:

Thank you for your kind words regarding our video. We hope to hear more about our eminent descent into one of the twenty-five realms of Narak. Before we go, however, we’d really like to hear every single one of your first-hand stories of John Ritter’s glory days in Hollywood, as well as the explicit details of John Edwards fucking your wife*. He did fuck your wife, right? Wait… was that the joke?  Did you ever see his hair?! It was CRAZY! Wakka-wakka! (* If, in some crazy, mixed-up world that pavanpatel020183 is a woman, please read the above joke as “…details of John Edwards fucking your husband.”, etc. Thanks!)

Seriously, though – thanks so much for actually leaving us a comment. It means a great deal to us that you took the time to write a few sentences explaining, basically, that you only read the title and neither watched nor listened to the video at all. You are the arbiter of humor in these parts, 02-01-83. And look! We just made you famous!

Also, we can’t believe you were the one that gave Elizabeth Edwards cancer. Jerk.

Giant Bear-Hugs & Soft, Tender Kisses,

Murdock, Dwight & Sullivan – SBP!
(Listen to our PODCAST!)


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