“The Incredibly True Story Of Dead Fat John Ritter” – An SBP Podcast Outtake

"Seriously guys... he's HUGE."

Because you demanded it, constant listeners, we are FINALLY releasing the true, factual, 100% accurate account of why, out of all the real fat celebrities named “John” in the world, we landed on poor John Ritter.

Culled from Seal Team Six mission itineraries, redacted FBI files, NFL scouting reports, fast-food menus, the Apple iTunes Terms of Service that you click “I Agree” to without reading, the fine print on toothpaste tubes and the last 3/4 of any famous author’s book that you claim to have read to look cool in front of people but actually haven’t read at all, here’s the low-down on what we like to call, in the Official SBP Vernacular:  “John Ritter Fat “.  It also comes complete with a video I made to illustrate this incredible journey. Hold onto your butts!

It’s another SBP Podcast Outtake to keep you warm through the beginning of the week until the new full episode comes out on Wednesday. Share this with friends. It’s a perfect way to introduce new folks to the podcast who aren’t sure you’re as brilliant for listening as we know you are. You’re welcome, AMERICA. Enjoy!

Murdock (Listen to our PODCAST!)


3 thoughts on ““The Incredibly True Story Of Dead Fat John Ritter” – An SBP Podcast Outtake

  1. I’m a spend long hours by myself due to my job. I like music but it gets old after a while. I am a big Adam Corolla listener and one day last week I found you guys. Y’all bring back so many memories of when I was growing up with my buds. Most of them are dead and gone now so finding you three was a blessing.

    We would either hit the back roads in W. Texas (road trip) and smoke and drink or we would just sit around and bullshit (like the three of you do) so thanks for the laughs and keep up the good work. You have made a redneck from Texas happy.

    Vanilla Gorilla

    • Thank you so much for both listening and commenting, Mr. Gorilla! We’re so glad you get a kick out of our show. We certainly get a kick out of doing it. We’re very happy that even though we’re a comedy podcast and say silly, often offensive and ridiculous things, that there are lots of folks out there, like you, that get it and enjoy it. Merry Christmas!


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