Ian MacKaye’s balls? Yeah, I’ve Seen ‘Em. Now I Get to Hear ‘Em.

I’m not old enough to have seen Minor Threat play. I did however get to see Fugazi rip off some heads. That show sticks out in my head because of Ian MacKaye’s giant testicles.

Some piece of shit was flipping pennies at the stage and the band.  MacKaye spotted the guy and called him out. My memory is hazy on the exact interaction, but MacKaye pulled a $5 bill out of his wallet, gave it to the guy as a “refund” and personally marched him out the door.

Fugazi is currently on “hiatus” and in my mind unlikely to tour again, but thanks to their new archive project I will be downloading that show and reliving the moment.

Sullivan (Have you heard our podcast?)


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