The Netflix Of Toys! Wait… what?!

"Happy kids now, crying kids later!"

So there’s this website called “Toygaroo” that wants to be the Netflix of toys. You can “rent” toys for your kids, just in time for Christmas, so they can have a lot of presents under the tree, or whatever.

Easy Joke: No word yet on whether you can stream the Lincoln Logs or not.

Seriously though… putting a bunch of “rented toys” underneath your Christmas Tree or Hanukkah menorah or Kwanzaa blanket is like teasing kids with love, right? I realize that kids only care about shit for a week or two, but this seems extreme to me.

“Hey kids! We got you these toys to play with! Happy Holidays!”

*a week later*

“Steal their toys when they’re sleeping, Janis. We’ve gotta get that shit back in the mail!”

Whatever. Here’s the link to the site. It’s a cool idea. I just think it could end really poorly. I hope all of your dreams come true, though.

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