The Great Comic Writer Fight Of 2011: Moore vs. Miller!

"I would pay money to see this fight officiated by Warren Ellis."

A few weeks ago, famed comic writer and creator of Sin City, 300 and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, among others, Frank Miller, said a bunch of horrible shit about the Occupy Wall Street movement, forever damning him in the hearts and minds of a LOT of people – especially nerds.

Now, he’s not forever damned to ME, even though I AM a NERD, because I’m typically forgiving of genius-level talented people, and I think everybody can have a bad day. Or year. That’s right. I’m saying I still like Mel Gibson.  Sue me.

Granted, maybe Frank Miller won’t snap out of being a complete fucking idiot about OWS. The verdict is still out on people like David Mamet and Dennis Miller who have gone off the deep end, though it just happened to the former, and the latter has been at it awhile now.  Sometimes people that you respect and admire just go fucking batshit crazy for no good reason and you’re left to mourn them and celebrate their creations.  It certainly doesn’t change how brilliant The Dark Knight Returns is, or how amazing Sin City is.

But that’s not all, folks! The one and only Alan Moore, creator of V for Vendetta, Constantine, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and THE MOTHER FUCKING WATCHMEN, to name a few (leaving out The Killing Joke because Miller’s already got it tough enough without me bringing up Moore’s terrifying and ass-kicking Batman story), came out of seclusion to give an interview to Honest Publishing and put the verbal smack down on Frank Miller.  More (and Moore) after the clicky-jump!

Notoriously, Moore HATES everything.  He hates every movie adaptation of his work, even the good ones, and constantly tries to get his name taken out of credits for them. He also doesn’t write comics anymore. Then again, after you’ve written The Watchmen, what else could you do, honestly?

Oh yeah… that’s right… kick Frank Miller’s ass.  Who would you choose?

Here’s the Honest Publishing interview:

The Story from Disinformation:

Vote for who you want to win! (Our money is always on Alan Moore)

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One thought on “The Great Comic Writer Fight Of 2011: Moore vs. Miller!

  1. they’re both amazing artist, and I don’t think you can judge art through the artists… So i just can’t “choose” any of them, but yeah, I’ll love Miller’s work no matter what he does, just like I love Mel Gibson too.

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