Paypal? More Like Lamepal! Amirite?!? – UPDATED!

"Fight Back."

If you’re doing nice things for people this holiday season via donations taken through Paypal you may need to read these two articles. Frankly, if you just use Paypal AT ALL, you need to read these. Don’t let their convenience (or perhaps necessity) fool you. They are a terrible company.

This one is a first person account of dealing with some Paypal shadiness.

And this one contains info about the above along with a in-depth look at Paypal’s policies.

MURDOCK UPDATE: Lordy, ya’ll… it’s like the internet lit a fire under PayPal’s ass and they took a step or two in the right direction!  Don’t let it fool you, though… they still have a long way to go.  Just re-read the GreenGreeks story if you don’t believe me.  But hey, don’t you feel proud to have helped spread the word? You should, true believer.  Well done!  Here’s a release from PayPal in response to all of us thumping our chests (even the women – that was HOT).

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