ICYMI: A Milk Token

Back in my day we used coal scrip to buy milk.

"Back in my day we used coal scrip to buy milk. And we liked it!" - Sullivan

This composite shows the front and back of a milk token from my elementary school – Gallaher Elementary. I figure they used tokens to either keep bullies from getting rich off of milk money or to avoid the “free” stigma Murdock’s school subjected the poor kids to.

(MURDOCK EDIT: I’m pretty sure this means Sullivan bullied some poor child who ended up going milkless.  I mean, how else do you still have a token in your possession? YOU MONSTER!)

Sullivan (Have you heard our podcast?)


5 thoughts on “ICYMI: A Milk Token

    • Actually this pic is from a Facebook group dedicated to my long since closed elementary school. I didn’t credit them properly because I’m a bad blogger. 😉

    • No bagged milk for us. Though I remember the freezer/refrigerator that housed the milk was the size of a small car and seemingly contained enough milk to last the school a week or two.

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