Looking For An Absurd Post-Apocalyptic Comedy Web Series? We Suggest “The Bomb Shelter”!

Imagine, if you would, a world destroyed by… well… anything.  There will be plenty of dead people around, but there will also be plenty of folks who look like geniuses because they had built a place to sustain life after the fall of humanity.  Granted, before said world destruction, these people were crack-pot, tin-foil-hat-wearing nutjobs, but let’s face it, they’ll be the luckiest of the unluckies once the robots snuff out the sun.

These are their stories.  DOINK-DOINK.

“The Bomb Shelter”: created, written & directed by Marcus Kiehl and starring Kiehl, Mindy Montavon, Corey Landis, William Cannon & Brielle Batino, is a smart, funny short-form comedy webseries by MK2 Productions.  The first episode clocks in at just under 12 minutes.

Check it:

After the jump I’ll give a little bit of a review and synopsis, and post some links for you to check out. It’s worth it. 

The gist is this: five survivors (three men, two women) live in a one-room bomb shelter together.  They have plenty of canned goods and concrete at their disposal.  While the premise may seem grim, Kiehl and company strike off down the absurdist comedy road in their premiere episode with the advent of an affair between Lisa (Montavon) and Frank (Landis), while Lisa’s husband Bill (Kiehl) tries to figure it all out.  What makes the situation funny?  The affair didn’t start until they were in the one-room bomb shelter and Bill never saw it coming.  It’s a cleverly written piece of often laugh-out-loud comedy that constant readers and listeners of Slightly Burned Pants are sure to enjoy. If the trailer is any indication, future episodes of the show will be even funnier.  I’m particularly excited to see what happens when Frank runs for mayor of the bomb shelter, where the chicken came from and anything with anyone in a bikini.

Special mention should also be made for Ruka Felicity Nagashima who was the violinist for the first episode, along with handling the button at the end. I certainly do love “The Lonely Man Theme”.

Here’s the trailer:

The Bomb Shelter Facebook Page: (LIKE THEM)

The Bomb Shelter Website: (VISIT THEM)

The Bomb Shelter Twitter: (FOLLOW THEM)

It’s always cool to catch something brilliant, hilarious and fun right at the beginning. Here’s your chance.  I like it so much that I’m going to give it a cool nickname.  I’m going to call it “The BS”.  I considered calling it “TBS” and then always saying “Very Funny”, but I didn’t want to insult anyone by putting it in a category with reruns of “Everybody Loves Raymond”.  Or, as I call it, “ELR”.  No matter what, though, watch “The BS”, because it is, in fact, very funny.



2 thoughts on “Looking For An Absurd Post-Apocalyptic Comedy Web Series? We Suggest “The Bomb Shelter”!

  1. What a coincidence, I was just googling ‘An Absurd Post-Apocalyptic Comedy Web Series’ and here one was, ready and waiting for me. Thanks!

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