Who Doesn’t Want To See Nickelback Thanksgiving Day?

"Look at this photograph. Everytime I do, it makes me laugh. Like, REALLY laugh. Hard."

Apparently, nearly 55,000 people. So far.

Fans of both the Detroit Lions and simple human decency are up in arms about plans to have Nickelback perform at halftime during the Lions/Packers Thanksgiving Day game.

Here’s the petition:

MURDOCK EDIT: Nickelback is willing to go the extra mile to appease Detroit fans at the game on Thursday.  This SHOCKING video has just surfaced, showing a REAL meeting with Nickelback about this EXACT thing.  This is an exclusive (not really) and 10000% true (also, not really) video response from Nickelback (That’s real, actually) to the good citizens of DEE-TWA (TRUTH).


Story links after the jump!

Here’s the story from the Detroit Free Press:

Here’s the SBNation Story:

My favorite comment about this is:  “Haven’t the good people of Detroit suffered enough?”  Obviously not.



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