ICYMI: Murdock’s Killer Neighbor

Here’s a bit of a Monday Special Feature for you podcast listeners out there.

Here’s my neighbor’s back yard.  Now tell me I’M crazy.

"My neighbor isn't a serial killer. At all."

That’s his shed on the left and his house on the right… with the Dexter-esque kill table in the middle.  And then… the yard.  I count at least seven graves.  But you know… maybe he’s just looking for water pipes.  Or both.  I mean, while you’re down there… why not?

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4 thoughts on “ICYMI: Murdock’s Killer Neighbor

    • I sometimes feel like if I walk out of my back door, I’m going to step off of my stoop into a giant pit of death. BUT… if he wants to continue all the way around my house, I can eventually put in a moat, which sort of excites me.


  1. This is crazier than I imagined. I pictured something like a scene from The Burbs, but this is weird. And an eyesore to top it all off!

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