Gratitude, In Spades

"At little revolution, now and then, is a healthy thing, don't you think?"

It’s becoming a recurring theme, thankfully, but the podcast listeners are knocking our socks off (that’s six socks, or three pairs, if anyone’s counting, just this week!). Episode 4’s first day download numbers exceeded Episode 3’s first day.  We think this contributed to us being listed as “New and Noteworthy” in the podcast section of iTunes, which is fantastic.  So thanks for that!  But now, our lovely listners, we have tasted that sweet, sweet nectar, and we want to keep it.

You may notice sometimes that we pop on and off of that list with various refreshes, so we need your help to stay on it. Downloading, subscribing, rating and reviewing the podcast all factors in to keeping us on that list.  So if you haven’t yet, please rate us and write a review.  It’ll take two minutes of your day, but it will seriously help us. Thanks to all that already have and thanks, ahead of time, to those that soon will!

Several folks have been spreading the @burnedpants love via Twitter and we feel the need to recognize them. In no particular order:

We probably left some people out, just like they always do with prayers for the sick at church, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love you.  We do. Completely. Thanks again. Please keep spreading the gospel of the Slightly Burned Pants.  Every share on Facebook (and don’t forget to “Like” our “Like” page!) and G+ (+1 that shit!), every tweet, retweet and #SBPants hash on Twitter (#FF’s forever!) and every person you talk to about us, is a huge help.  You all are the best.
Let’s take over the world!

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